To view all open manufacturing positions across our facilities, simply click “View Jobs” below.

To find a specific position by job title, check the box next to “Search Position Name Only” and enter the job title in the search box.

Note:  If you cannot find the job that you are interested in please visit our careers portal, where you will find additional hourly positions and all salaried positions.

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We are pleased that you are interested in working at Polaris.  Our hiring process is designed to ensure fairness and consistency.  The application process will take about 15 - 30 minutes.  You will be asked a standard set of questions similar to those that you would find on a written employment application.  Before you begin, please verify that you're using an updated internet browser - click HERE to see a list of acceptable browsers.

To continue a manufacturing application you already started, please click HERE. You are welcome to log out and back in as necessary in order to complete your application. To log back in you will need to use the same phone number, birth month, and birth day that you provided in your initial application.

NOTE: Following our application process requires you to apply no more than once per application period (180 days). You may file another application only after the requisite reapply time has passed.  Filing multiple applications (particularly under false pretenses, such as using multiple phone numbers) before the reapply period has elapsed is grounds for immediate disqualification from the process.


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